New in Store

Frucor Suntory has launched an energy drink offering a more 'natural' alternative to the beverages market.

Patties Foods has launched a new pie which taps into the craft beer trend.

French-owned multinational Parmalat has rolled out several new milk launches under the Pauls brand in time for summer.

PepsiCo has added three vegetable-heavy varieties to its Sunbites Grain Waves range.

Streets Ice Cream has re-released two Paddle Pop flavours from the past in time for summer.

Swedish cider company Recorderlig is launching a new Strawberry-Lime low-sugar cider with 106 calories per 330ml bottle.

McCain Foods has released a new chocolate dessert range by Sara Lee.

Qi Tea has launched an organic slimming tea with no harmful laxatives.

A new ice block company offering vegan and Paleo options has launched in time for Australia's summer.

Chef and food personality Karen Martini has put her name behind a range of granola in Woolworths stores.

Duck grower and producer Luv-a-Duck has launched a new range of moisture-infused duck breasts.

New to Australia, Crofters' Just Fruit Spreads contain only fruit, with no added sugar.

Dr. Oetker Ristorante has launched three new frozen pizza flavours, including a chocolate dessert pizza.

Australian health food company Bounce has launched a new vegan range of balls utilising plant-based protein.

Nestle has released three new barista-style coffees under the Nespresso brand.