New In Store

Sunny Queen Farms has launched two new liquid egg products in supermarkets across Australia in response to the growing appetite for nutritious and convenient food.

This May, Japanese whisky enthusiasts have a new liquid to get excited about: Fuji Single Grain Whiskey, made exclusively from the grain whiskey of the world-renowned Mt. Fuji Distillery.

Iconic Australian beer brand XXXX has announced XXXX Zero, Australia’s first carbon neutral alcohol-free beer.

Coco Pops has unveiled the Mystery Flavour that has had Aussies stumped for months, with the mysterious flavour revealed as: Neapolitan ice cream.

Bickford’s Premium Iced Coffee Syrup, launched in 1919 is expanding its range with new Caramel and Mocha flavours. Originally a post-war pick-me-up when coffee was scarce, the syrups are now a sweet treat.

Vanguard Luxury Brands has started importing and distributing three SKUs of the super-premium mezcal, Los Siete Misterios, after the brand ramped up production capacity.

Meluka Australia, producers of 100 per cent certified raw organic Australian honey products, has released Voney, its first plant-based honey created especially for vegans.

Bega's flavoured milk brands' latest releases include a lactose free Farmers Union Iced Coffee and the return of the Big M Egg Flip.

Peters Ice Cream and Cadbury Dairy Milk have expanded their frozen range collaboration with Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramello Sticks reimagining one of Cadbury's most popular chocolates.

With 2022 marking the 100th birthday for Cadbury, part of the celebrations is the release of three new chocolate blocks featuring some of the company's most popular and enduring flavours, but More.

South Australian Twenty Third Street Distillery has released a Mulberry Gin just in time for winter, using local mulberries and oranges from the Riverland region.

Aussie confectionery company Darrell Lea has unveiled two new flavours in its chocolate block range: White Chocolate Cookies & Cream and Dark Chocolate Rum & Raisin.

Bounce has released a new protein ball flavour, Choc Mint. The zingy addition will join their range of 100 per cent natural, protein-rich and low-fat balls.

Australia’s biggest independent seltzer brand, Saintly Beverage Co, has launched iZZ!, a low sugar cocktail in a can with a watermelon margarita and passionfruit mojito.

Good Food Partners (GFP) has launched a range of low gluten oat porridges under the Freedom Foods brand, targeting the one in four Australians avoiding gluten in their diet.

Doritos has resumed production of the 90s favourite 3D Crunch. PepsiCo said after almost two decades of consumers asking for the chip’s return it is back on supermarket shelves.