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Coca-Cola Amatil's venture capital platform, Amatil X, has set up operations in Indonesia to capitalise on the region's reputation as a startup hub.

The government of Western Australia is offering up to $2 million in matched funding for industry-led projects setting up or expanding in Collie, in WA's south west.

A study published recently in the journal Environmental Research reports research results showing eating organic food brings pesticide levels down in humans in as little as a week.

More than 4300 exhibitors from 67 countries including Australia will gather next month at SIAL China which will this year showcase 21 food categories across 17 exhibition halls.

A new intellectual property system is being developed to help protect Australian wine brands against copycat exports.

Nestlé Australia is introducing a new version of Milo without cane sugar in response to the changing tastes and health concerns of consumers.

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US-based Upton’s Naturals is launching a range of pre-seasoned heat-and-serve vegan meals in Australia that use jackfruit as their key ingredient.

Popcorn snack food brand Cobs has launched a new chip-style snack that combines potato, rice and corn.

Arnott’s has launched two new ranges of health-inspired cookies baked from simple ingredients including fruits and vegetables.

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From 2020, Coca-Cola will use 16,000 tonnes less of virgin plastic in Australia as it doubles its use of recycled plastic bottles in the Australian market.

Packaging is at a sustainability “tipping point”, with strong growth reported around the world for companies using ethical packaging.

Move over, goon bag. Pord marries art with high-quality wine to elevate the reputation of cask wine in Australia.

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Meat company Flinders + Co is on a mission to cut the carbon footprint of Australia’s meat supply chain from farm to fork.

A new Queensland plant is gearing up to crack the market for safe eggs with Australia’s first in-shell pasteurised egg offering.

Texan-inspired foods manufacturer Texas BBQ Foods gets a new facility and a breath of fresh air.