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An alcohol delivery company has partnered with Spotify to release a special-edition range of wines which can be paired with music.

Foodservice company Sodexo Australia has announced a food waste initiative that will minimise environmental damage.

Courses helping home brewers break into the craft beer industry are growing in number as employment opportunities increase.

A major international effort is underway to develop food products that address malnutrition in the elderly.

Arnott’s has created a new range of mini cakes inspired by a number of its best-known biscuits.

Damage to plastic rollers on a packaging line was behind last week's recall of punnets of sliced white and brown mushrooms by Costa Group.

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Kellogg Australia has added two new granola varieties to its Crunchy Nut range.

McCain Foods is venturing into a previously premium niche with the launch of freezer meals featuring slow-cooked meats and root vegetables.

PepsiCo's Smith’s brand has partnered with fast food chain Pizza Hut to launch three new chip flavours.

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The University of Melbourne and the Australian Institute of Packaging are seeking companies willing to offer industry internships.

The Australian Institute of Packaging is inviting industry to attend a new food waste training course at FoodTech PackTech.

A company in the Netherlands has created a cap which makes opening plastic bottles easier.

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Silly Yaks bakery is levelling the field on the factory floor and for those with food intolerances

Patties Foods' pie brand Herbert Adams has been re-launched with the addition of wine in its beef varieties.

A new and highly automated facility is helping French baker Laurent Boillon supply more sourdough as it gears up for a 10-year contract with Coles.