A new range of individually quick-frozen legumes from TFB Trading is tapping into the growing wellness and plant-based protein trend with a versatile staple, that is cheap, healthy, and sustainable.

Saltwell salt, from the Chilean Atacama desert, has a natural composition of 65% sodium chloride and 30% potassium chloride, helping reduce sodium content in food manufacturing.

A clinical study conducted by an Israeli medical centre says NGS' protein powder 'Grow Daily Boys 10+' has positive effects on growth and body composition in short and lean boys aged 10 and older.

Over the last decade, family-owned Australian company A S Harrison & Co has developed a broad portfolio of food ingredients for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Synlait Milk has launched its new Made With Better Milk powder range to its ingredient offering, featuring two varieties – whole milk and skim milk.

DaVinci Gourmet has released five new beverage solutions to enhance wellbeing. The range is formulated with Kerry’s proprietary ingredients to optimise nutrition in beverages.

Rising demand for free-from and health-conscious products in the traditionally indulgent bakery category is an opportunity for manufacturers to innovate in this space.

Micro sensory foods that target visual, olfactory and mouthfeel are leading trends in Kerry’s Asia Pacific Taste Charts for 2021.

Using non-thermal liquid/liquid extractions processes, Kerry has introduced new citrus extract technology, New! Citrus Extract, which can be labelled “natural extract”.

Gluten free dry ingredients manufacturer Well and Good has launched a plant-based meat mix. The vegan product is suitable for pie makers, cafes and restaurant owners.

Kerry has release a range of botanical ingredients suitable for the low- and no-alcohol beverage market. Botanicals Collection ZERO is a range of authentic botanical extracts containing zero per cent ethanol.

Consumers are seeking out more foods that have probiotics, global bioscience company Chr. Hansen says. In a commissioned study it found consumers were more concerned about supporting their immune system since COVID-19.

The growing vegan market and changing dietary requirements have contributed to manufacturers moving away from butter to margarine. A S Harrison & Co also has viable products to meet both vegan and non-vegan needs.

A S Harrison & Co recognises that a growing market means greater demand for new style, dairy free creamers. The company’s range of UHT cooking creams are blended to attain a full body texture in your product.

Homestyle coating is an increasingly popular trend in convenience products. However, the right equipment using an automated process makes it possible to create the perfect look and crunch of homestyle coating.

A S Harrison & Co recognises that not all Stevia are the same, and has a range of Stevia that is ethically single sourced product from Peru, which is rainforest certified.