Healthy ingredients company, Tate & Lyle, has launched its new stevia composition, Optimizer Stevia 8.10, which the company describes as a cost-effective ingredient with a premium taste profile close to sugar.

Vegan and plant-based gummy launches have increased exponentially since 2018. Hawkins Watts Australia technical manager, Mahshid Farahani, details how to create the “ultimate” vegan gummy.

Palsgaard is teaming up with research and development partners, Nexus and Aarhus University, to develop plant based solutions that can replace 10 per cent of the eggs used globally as ingredients.

Grupo Palacios, will incorporate The Every Company's animal-free liquid egg product into Palacios’ flagship Spanish omelettes, in a new commercial agreement.

Dutch food technology company, Revyve, has launched its egg-replacement ingredient, which uses upcycled yeast to mimic the sensory experience of eggs for use in plant-based burgers.

Pomegranate extract has the potential to counteract impacts of high fructose consumption, says pre-clinical animal study published in Food & Function.

Food technology startup, Better Juice, have created an innovative sugar-reduction process to reduce the sugar content of fruit sorbets, with an aim to give products a better-for-you upgrade.

Biotechnology company, Pureture, has reduced the cultivation time needed to create its yeast protein by up to 30 per cent, allowing time and cost savings for the production of its plant-based alternative casein.

German ingredients company, Loryma, has launched a new binder in its range of Lory Bind thickening, texture-providing and stabilisation systems, which is ideal for use in alternative proteins.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has approved global nutrition company ADM's spore-forming probiotic DE111 (Bacillus subtilis), which supports digestive health and immune function.

Fooditive Group, has developed a sweetener from waste side-streams of apple and pear processing, Keto-Fructose, through a fermentation process that it claims mimics the flavour profile of sugar.

Microalgae protein company, Brevel, has opened its first commercial plant, aimed at producing microalgae protein powder to serve the alternative protein space.

Global ingredient solutions company, Tate & Lyle, has launched a new texture and mouthfeel campaign, including a new proprietary formulation tool – Tate & Lyle Sensation.

Nutrition and ingredients company, Kerry, has launched a cocoa replacement solution, designed to tackle the escalating cocoa pricing and supply crisis.

Michigan State University has been granted an exemption from US biotech regulations on genetically modified products for, Kal91.3, its engineered potato that can be stored for longer without browning.

Food-tech start-up, NewMoo, has devised a new method of producing casein proteins, using plant molecular farming to grow them from plant seeds.