Flowfresh has achieved HACCP International certification for the second time, for its 'ultra-hygienic polyurethane flooring' range.

Flexicon Corporation has launched an explosion-proof bag dump station which can compact empty bags.

Vibratory equipment company Enmin has launched a range of Australian-made Elevating Spiral Conveyors.

Kaeser Compressors has launched a new range of compressed air filtration products made to offer energy savings.

Smalte Conveyor Solutions recently worked with Nord Drivesystems to supply a client with Nord’s nsd tupH drive.

Tna has launched a new, fully automatic closed loop slurry mixing and spraying system.

Knife edge rollers developed by Igus offer precise and quick movement of goods and food stuffs.

A new oxygen analyser from Michell Instruments targets combustion efficiency in boilers.

The new bulk bag discharger from Queensland-based Flexicon includes an enclosure to contain errant dust escaping.

SPX Flow has created a series of maintenance video tutorials to help users maintain their equipment.

Rockwell Automation has launched a new line of open architecture industrial computers and thin clients.

AMS Instrumentation & Calibration has a new range of FCI multipoint thermal flow meters designed to improve air/gas flow measurement.

Master Data Management (MDM) solutions company Stibo Systems has gained certification from GS1 for its STEP Trailblazer software.

As product blending becomes more popular, tna has launched a new turnkey vibratory motion blending system.

Mettler Toledo has released adjustable-cavity weights which aim to help simplify routine balance testing in production environments.