As product blending becomes more popular, tna has launched a new turnkey vibratory motion blending system.

Mettler Toledo has released adjustable-cavity weights which aim to help simplify routine balance testing in production environments.

A new type of foam spray gun has eliminated the need for compressed air.

Urschel's new Affinity Integra Dicer processes difficult-to-cut cheese and meat products.

Victoria-based instrumentation and process machines supplier Novasys Group has released a range of allergen test strips and kits.

We asked HMPS MD Mark Emmett about a new machine that makes packing lightweight milk bottles into crates a whole lot easier.

Technology company ABB is claiming to have achieved almost 100 per cent energy efficiency with a synchronous motor.

Automation systems company Key Technology has launched a range of digital sorters under the Veryx C140 name, through Treotham.

Solutions company NHP has released a range of stainless steel wall-mount enclosures that offer protection from the elements.

Valve supplier SPX Flow has released a series of step-by-step video guides to help customers maintain its products.

Russell Finex has an industrial-safety sieve with customised big bag tipping station to help sports nutrition manufacturers.

Boge Compressors has released a range of new refrigeration dryers and tandem dryers which remove water vapour from compressed air.

The FLT93 Flow Switch Series from FCI is suited to producers that use chemical injection or additive monitoring in their processing.

Fluid Components International (FCI) founders Bob Deane and Mac McQueen have been recognised for their lifetime achievements.

A new mobile flexible screw conveyor with round vibratory screener removes oversize particles and reduces soft agglomerates.