New In Store

Yoghurt powerhouse Danone has partnered with Foodbank Australia to help people suffering food insecurity while also working to reduce food waste.

Kellogg’s new Krave product range has launched with three mixed grain snack bars aimed at satisfying sweet cravings with a healthier edge.

Sports drink brand Maximus has released Maximus Ultra, Australia’s first hybrid sports drink containing branched chained amino acids for muscle recovery and performance (BCAA’s).

Two flavours are joining the iconic Australian Shapes biscuit range – Fried Chicken and Cheesy Garlic Pizza. The two are inspired by the original Chicken and Pizza Shapes flavours.

Handcrafted and brewed in Australia, Saint + Sinner has launched an alcoholic kombucha as a healthier alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages.

The Delcado Hass Avocado, which made its debut last year, will be back on the shelves this season with numbers bigger than ever. The bumper crop is expected to exceed 50 million avocados.

Motive Matcha is a sparkling new ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage in the health and wellness category. It’s positioned as a sugar free alternative to sodas, flavoured water and other RTDs.

Challenging the status quo is something Mingle Seasoning founder Jordyn Evans is familiar with. Her newest range of sauces has just been launched with the supermarket giant nationwide.

Nuchev’s goat-milk based nutrition brand Oli6 has launched the only infant formula to include human and goat milk oligosaccharides.

Chobani Australia has unveiled its first foray into pet food with a lactose-free and digestion-boosting yoghurt for dogs, Daily Dollop. The plain, low-fat and lactose-free yoghurt is gentle on doggie tummies.

Bartender and mixologist Giacomo Franceshci has created Beesbucha, a honey-based naturally fermented beverage with immunity and gut health benefits similar to kombucha.

Australian coffee brand St Remio has launched its first sustainably sourced organic coffee pod range, which is the only range compatible with Aldi’s Expressi coffee machine.

Distilled and bottled in the west of Poland, premium vodka Kavka has arrived in Australia.

Victoria’s family- owned olive grove Mount Zero Olives has re-released its Yuzu Extra Virgin Olive Oil and developed a new Dirty Olive Brine and Marinated Olive pouches to expand its range.

Darrell Lea and Nomad Brewing have joined forces to create the world’s first liquorice beer – the Darrell Lea Batch 37 Dark Chocolate Liquorice Stout.

Created by one man in a run-down shack in the Jalisco highlands of Mexico, the Cazcabel Tequila range has arrived in Australia.