New In Store

Vegan brioche buns from The Fry Family Food Co will hit Woolworths shelves around the country this week, adding a new element to the plant-based burger meal.

Krispy Kreme is partnering with Snickers for two limited-edition releases – the Snickers Ring Doughnut and the Snickers Inspired Filled Doughnut – available from this weekend.

Bulla Dairy Foods’ Choc Tops will be available to buy in stores for a limited time from this week, shifting the usual distribution model from cinemas and into Coles.

Cape Byron Distillery has opened the family vault and produced a limited-edition kumquat gin, combining the natural acidity and mild bitterness of kumquats with its Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin.

Danone has launched an ice-cream style dessert of its high-protein snack range, YoPRO. It follows Danone’s release of YoPRO in a nut protein bar format.

Bonne Maman has developed a new caramel spread, aiming to add a depth of flavour to baking recipes, as well as being drizzled over desserts.

Kellogg’s is adding plant sterols to Sultana Bran, extending the product range of the well-known cereal to help lower cholesterol.

US plant-based meat brand Beyond Meat has launched its new Beyond Beef mince products in select Coles stores around the country, offering consumers an alternative protein choice in their weekly shop.

Kraft Heinz has commissioned a new study which reveals around a third of Australians are buying foods that are lacking in protein, coinciding with the launch of its new plant-based range Plant Proteinz.

In 2017, Danone announced a commitment for its products to be healthier and more sustainable. Its latest offering in the YoPRO range is evidence of that. Kim Berry spoke with Xavier Gonzalez and Dr Michelle Rowney about its high protein bar range.

Youfoodz has launched fourteen new meals in its latest Large Meals range, giving consumers the option for a high-protein, larger portion.

Woolworths has introduced 60 new products on shelves around the country this week, as more Aussies seek recipes packed with vegetables and that are easy to prepare.

Gippsland Dairy is releasing a limited edition Peachy Brandy Twist yoghurt in time for this weekend’s Mother’s Day celebrations.

Carlton & United Breweries has launched its first hard seltzer beverage in the Australian market, called Actual Vodka Seltzer.

Melbourne-based distillery The Craft & Co has developed a new range of distilled teas, combining its craft gin and rum with various teas.

The limited edition Nutri-Grain Gold Honey Crunch will join the cereal aisle for four weeks only, as the brand gets a new twist for the first time in five years.