Gates Industrial has launched a new hydraulic hose range called the Gates MXT that is lighter in weight and offers a more flexible solution.

Pillar Technologies, which specialises in induction sealing technology for the packaging industry, and has just opened offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

Flexco has launched the Novitool Ply 130, a new separator that can cut between the plies of conveyor belting for belt splice preparation.

Plants can’t operate without people. We take a look a handful of solutions that help protect the most precious resources on the factory floor.

Custom manufactured change parts have a number of benefits on the line. Alternative Engineering's Alan Smith shares the following tips.

Blockchain is the key to serving up a well-balanced food and beverage supply chain, writes Katie Kinraid of BluJay Solutions.

A compact and cost-efficient alternative to conventional dewatering technologies is being introduced to Australia and New Zealand by CST Wastewater Solutions.

Engineered for robust environments, the versatile FLT93 switch from AMS is a flow/level sensor with no moving parts.

UK-based company KM Packaging has brought a new, resource-efficient, reduced-plastic packaging solution to the Australian food and drink market.

UPM Raflatac is offering new full-wrap solutions with self-adhesive labels for food packaging.

To fill the gap between simple motor starters and full-featured frequency inverters, Nord Drivesystems has launched a new inverter for process engineering.

The Strahman range of water-saving trigger nozzles from Spray Nozzle Engineering have been designed to save water while promoting productivity and safety during cleaning and washdown.

New offerings from Treotham have been designed to meet the food and packaging industry's need for improved guide rollers.

Australian packaging equipment supplier Fibre King is offering its customers solutions that draw on the expertise and R&D of automation solutions supplier SMC to improve and monitor energy use.

AMS Instrumentation & Calibration has announced a new distribution partnership with a Netherlands-based manufacturer of mass flow, pressure measurement and control equipment.