Special Report: Plant Design

Bannister Downs’ new $30m robotic dairy is already winning awards and is also leading the way with packaging technology.

A brand new $35m facility is enabling Tribe Breweries to take its craft beer export ambitions 
to the next level, as co-founder Stefan Szpitalak explains.

Recognising that the drain, gully and floor may need an upgrade is the first step to reducing the risks of a non-hygienic environment, writes ACO Australia’s Kate Jennings.

Wiley’s Brett Wiskar explores the benefits of using 
AR and VR in the early stages of food facility design.

When demand outstrips supply, what are the best options for small and mid-tier manufacturers? Peter Taitako of RMR Process explores 
the alternatives.

An Australian light manufacturer and global leader in LED 
technology has developed a new HACCP-approved highbay range.

When French-style bakery Bakers Maison designed a new purpose-built facility, it dedicated an entire floor to gluten-free production.

PFD Food Services has announced a new $39m Melbourne multi-temperature facility designed to grow with the company.

For those on a budget, Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) can help stretch the dollar, writes Total Construction’s Rob Blythman.

A new Australian innovation in sugar processing technology that promises to help tackle obesity is opening up new opportunities for Sunshine Sugar.

Ingredients company Danisco has a new high-care, high-volume powder blending facility with a small footprint.

Water and moisture can negatively impact processes for commercial bakeries, so the right drainage is key, writes ACO Australia product manager Kate Jennings.

Sydney brewer 4 Pines recently opted for Aerofloat’s compact, low maintenance and completely sealed DAF as part of its brewery expansion.

A bunch of new breweries are popping up as consumer demand for craft beer goes from strength to strength.

Adams Pest Control has developed a new electronic monitoring service that can map pest hotspots and then measure the success of pest management strategies.

Coopers Brewery is preparing to unveil a new $60 million malting plant that is considered the most technically advanced of its kind in the world.