Conversations during day two of APPEX 2024 were flowing on Stand B095 with the PKN Packaging News team bringing the PKN Podcast livestream to APPEX.

SMC ANZ's David Cash speaks with Lindy Hughson about why the company's APPEX slogan is 'more than pneumatics', and gives a rundown of highlight products.

Matthews' Mark Dingley speaks with Lindy Hughson about the Barcode Academy launched today at APPEX, an industry resource developed in collaboration with leading retailers.

At APPEX 2024’s IPPO industry forum, a panel of three of Australia’s food manufacturing industry leaders: packaging development director, Alberto Peixeiro, Mondelēz senior group leader Chocolate Packaging Development, and Matt McMichael, the COO of SPC discussed the challenges and triumphs of sustainable packaging.

JL Lennard's Russel White and Rovema's Mirco L. Richardson speaks with Will Wain-Williams about the company's new BBC260 Bag Machine, which is on show at APPEX.

FlexCam's Stephen Alcorn discusses what the company is putting a spotlight on in their APPEX stand, including its new conveyor system and bi-flow accumulation table.

Jet Technologies' Daniel Malki speaks with Wayne Robinson about the company's triple focus at APPEX - coffee packaging, lids and caps, and bulk flexibles.

Conversations during day one of APPEX 2024 were flowing on Stand B095 with the PKN Packaging News team bringing the PKN Podcast livestream to APPEX.

Matt Johnson, founder and managing director of Trimatt Systems, speaks with Wayne Robinson about the award-winning printing technology on show.

Heat and Control's Mark Holden and Key Technology's Jacob Taylor speak with Lindy Hughson about the company's Compass Optical Sorter, launched in Australia for the first time.

In this APPEX 2024 video interview, Kim Berry visits Thermoflo's stand to talk to watttron CEO Marcus Stein and product manager Tobias Honig about the company's latest digital heating solutions for sealing and thermoforming.

Inbound performance is the main challenge that Woolies has faced with its first fully automated DC, with the company sharing its learnings at APPEX, as it prepares to open two more automated warehouses.

As part of the Food Industry Solution Series, APCO's Ian Hayes gave an update on progress towards the 2025 Packaging Targets, and industry experts provided advice on how to integrate sustainable solutions into production lines.

The first talk at Ball & Doggett's ecoporium featured Mariella Menato, strategy director from Denomination Design. Her insightful talk looked at the intersection between innovation, bravery and sustainability in branding.

Matthews Australasia has unveiled the latest evolution of its Australian-developed and supported package code management (PCM) software, iDSnet, at APPEX 2024 today.

Krones (Stand D070) is showcasing several different displays with a wide range of information and exhibits, also accompanied by Evoguard, representing its pumps and valves.