Special Report: Dairy

Arla Foods Ingredients has capitalised on fibre and whey protein to develop a pre-meal drink concept for improving blood sugar levels.

Jomeis Fine Foods is putting super ingredients through their paces with its growing nutritional latte range.

Goat milk formula is coming into its own both locally and in China. We spoke to Nuchev founder and CEO Ben Dingle about the segment.

There’s been plenty of upheaval in the local dairy industry, but how healthy are sales? We take a look at some of the winning categories.

GEA has won a contract to supply an extended pasta filata cheese production line to German cheese manufacturer BMI.

Packaging company Tetra Pak is helping processors take advantage of the lucrative ice cream market through an innovative aseptic pouch.

A heritage ice cream brand has adapted to changing tastes with a push into ultra-premium branding.

CSIRO and Porifera have joined forces to bring new food concentration technology that uses forward osmosis to Australia.

Global dairy prices have “rocketed upwards” as production has dropped sharply in key dairy export regions such as Australia.

The yoghurt category has been heading in a more savoury direction, with consumers demanding salty and spicy options.

Using export-certified contract blenders can help dairy companies access Asian markets, writes Christine Envall of Prestige Blending.

PE bags have hidden potential for powder-type products writes Alan Arbotante of Haver & Boecker Australia.