Australia could reach the equivalent of 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2032 if the current rates of wind and solar installation continue.

A new Roto-Lock dosing system will be installed as standard on all of Haver & Boecker's new packing machines for dry bulk materials.

A new bulk bag discharger for food and dairy applications has been introduced for situations where there is zero tolerance for contamination of product or equipment.

A new drum cover made from breathable material makes for a cleaner and safer work environment on air-operated conveyors.

For industries where demand and production requirements are in constant flux, FlexCAM delivers innovative and proven automated conveying solutions to produce goods smarter and safer at reduced operating expense.

Australian design build firm Wiley has strengthened its New Zealand presence following the completion of its acquisition of a long-term project partner.

ABB and Dassault Systèmes have joined forces in a worldwide partnership to provide customers in digital industries a unique software solutions portfolio.

Food tech company OAL is partnering with Process Plant Network (PPN) to bring an award-winning steam infusion technology to Australian food and beverage manufacturers.

A new NSF food-grade bio-degreaser has been released by CRC Industries which expands its Greenlight Food Safety Program range.

Spray Nozzle Engineering is introducing a new expanded range of tank cleaning nozzles that are designed to be safer to use and more hygienic.

A DIY humidifier kit from Tecpro Australia uses technology to produce ultra-fine non-wetting dry fog that can increase humidity without creating dampness.

Floors need to not only withstand the challenges of brewing beer, but also provide attractive, on-brand surfaces, especially now as breweries increasingly double as production sites and also tourist attractions.

M-Series tank cleaning nozzles can save manufacturers on water and operational costs, according to their maker Spray Nozzle Engineering.

A new fast-flowing, bulk handling liner from Wefapress excels in high-temperature applications involving food and beverage production.

Australian-made elevating spiral conveyors from vibratory equipment company Enmin have been specifically designed for the food industry.