Foods with fun, funky colours are trending, as sharing food through social media channels becomes more important for young consumers.

Natural food colours are opening up new opportunities to deliver vibrant-coloured foods with a clean label. Brightly coloured foods and spices like beetroot, spirulina and turmeric are increasingly recognised for their health benefits, and as a result, are being featured in a wider number of products.

Doritos’ limited-edition Super Nova corn chips.

“While social media appears to be playing a huge part in the trend, natural food colours are also opening up the opportunity to deliver products that connect bright colours and health,” Innova Market Insights says.

This trend came in at number six on the researcher's Top 10 list of trends most likely to impact the food and drinks industry over the coming year and beyond, drawn from the its ongoing analysis of global food and drink launch activity.

The final top four trends on Innova's Top Ten list are:

  • Dining out, in: As consumers seek restaurant quality food experiences at home, Innova Market Insights says it is seeing more innovation in consumer packaged products to tap into this growing need. Dining formats such as bowls are trending, fresh meal kits are on the rise, and signature prepared dishes are becoming more prevalent, the researcher has found.Pitango
  • From snacks to mini meals: As traditional meal times and occasions become less prevalent and consumers seek quick, convenient, yet healthy solutions for busy lifestyles, Innova Market Insights is seeing snacks that are healthier and more wholesome, as well as satisfying, sustaining and nutritious. This is creating opportunities for snacks to increasingly fulfil the role of mini meals and play a more meaningful role in contributing to nutritional needs across the day, according to the researcher.
  • Bountiful choice: As brands seek to connect more closely with consumers’ specific needs and tastes, we are seeing more creative uses of positioning and flavour to differentiate and distinguish products to bring novelty and excitement.Categories like peanut butter, tomato sauce, and tea are being re-invigorated through more varieties.
    Flavour innovation, limited-edition, and product personalisation play into this trend, with botanicals remaining a key ingredient group to watch, according to Innova Market Insights.
  • Ocean garden: Long established in the supplements sector, nutrient-dense vegetables from the sea such as kelp and spirulina are finding their way into a wider variety of new food and beverage products due to their ability to provide nutritional fortification, act as a natural source of colour, and deliver unique flavours, especially umami.
    These are currently trending in the restaurant sector, and Innova Market Insights says it expects sea greens to continue to offer innovation opportunities.



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