The turmeric latte trend is in full throttle with startups and small companies leveraging consumer interest in the healthy spice.

As consumer drinking habits continue to shift in favour of better-for-you alternatives, several functional beverages leveraging health-promoting benefits are proving their mettle in a competitive market.

One of these is the turmeric latte, thanks to the health benefits of the potent plant from the ginger family, which has for thousands of years been used in food and in Ayurvedic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and modern medicine.

Its diverse medicinal uses are thanks largely to turmeric’s curcumin content. Curcumin is a bioactive compound, meaning that it makes an impact on living organisms. The compound contains essential nutrients that the body needs for growth and development.

With lattes, turmeric has more recently found its way into the mainstream – and into drinkers’ coffee mugs. Hot on the heels of popular chai lattes, this recent player in the tea-and-coffee-alternative game is a hot-water additive with health properties.

A new breed of golden blends, such as the following three offerings, are finding themselves on more and more store shelves, café menus and kitchen benchtops.

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