Victorian spice merchant Oostra Spice Company, an Australian supplier of premium herbs, spices, and mélanges (blends), recently acquired a new bright yellow floor coating.

The striking Homebush Gold colour from Flowcrete Australia was placed in the areas that handle the vibrantly yellow-coloured turmeric spice, as it’s known to stain the surrounding environment.

The new colour was one part of the company’s investment in a new floor coating at its HACCP-accredited facility at Mitcham in Victoria.

Oostra Spice Company, which travels the world to source and meet with top suppliers, sought a floor coating that would provide an easy-to-clean, durable surface for the site’s blending, packing and warehouse areas.

It chose Flowcoat UV, a UV-stable, highly chemical- and abrasion-resistant sealer, as it makes it easier to clean away spilled spices as well as dirt and contaminants.

With this in mind, Oostra Spice Company installed over 1200m2 of the heavy-duty resin system Flowcoat UV in a range of bespoke colours.

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