Change has never been so swift or disruptive as now. Three leading global suppliers in the food and nutrition industry discuss what ingredients consumers are looking for in 2019.

Masterfoods: The exciting and the familiar

Masterfoods developed its own food trend predictor called FoodCast which it uses, along with data from global food agencies, social media tracking and working with flavour houses, to understand current and emerging flavours.

“Flavours which excite” are embodied by some of Masterfoods’ 2019 top selling products. Chipotle Taco Style Sauce and Charred BBQ Sauce reflect the continuing trend for Mexican, American and spicy flavours. Its Seeds of Change Organic Tomato and Chilli Pasta Sauce and Dolmio Extra Smokey Puttanesca Pasta Sauce are also some of the fastest movers.

While consumers are more adventurous when it comes to flavours, favourites also include the familiar: Masterfoods Beef Stroganoff Cooking Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Recipe Base Curried Sausages, Finishing Cheese Sauce and finely crushed garlic. Its Kantong Sweet & Sour Cooking Sauce and Uncle Ben’s Special Fried Rice are also consistently best sellers.

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Packaging News

Plastic packaging is among the flotsam washing up on East Coast beaches after cargo vessel APL England on Sunday lost 40 shipping containers overboard in heavy weather.

Foodmach has beat deadlines to get surgical mask-making machines designed, built, and running to help boost the Australian supply of this essential piece of PPE.

PacPrint, the four-day show held in conjunction with Visual Impact and the Label & Packaging Expo, will now be held from 28 September through 1 October next year.