Here's a quick wrap of some recent ingredient innovations and announcements.


Hi-Maize is a proprietary type of natural fibre made from corn and Ingredion has announced it now has a self-substantiated General Level Health Claim (GLHC) in Australia for its Hi-Maize resistant starch product based on digestive health.

Through a systematic literature review, Ingredion established that “Resistant Starch 2 (RS2) helps to maintain/support a healthy digestive system when consumed as part of a healthy diet made up of a variety of foods”.


Guradji is a native Australian plant used by indigenous people for thousands of years that’s now available as a tisane, or a tea-like herbal infusion, through LORE Australia.

Guradji was launched to the mainstream market in June by a conservation biologist with Aboriginal heritage, and it is reportedly full of antioxidants and bitter compounds similar to those found in green tea and cacao shown to be anti-inflammatory and beneficial to gut health.


Beneo recently launched Remypure, a functional native rice starch that is suitable for many applications, including recipes that require severe processing such as sauces, baby food jars, dairy desserts (pictured above) and fruit preparations.

Beneo says the strengthened starch granule performs well, even under demanding conditions.