McCormick Foods Australia managing director, Paris Golden shares the company’s Flavour Forecast for 2019 with Food & Drink Business.

McCormick’s Flavour Forecast has predicted flavour trends for almost two decades. This year it says consumers   are looking for more exciting global flavours, while at the same time wanting convenience and healthier alternatives.

The need for seed

One of the major flavour trends for 2019 is seeds. Golden says this is about discovering less common seeds while experimenting with the more familiar ones.

Sesame blends, lotus seed, basil seed and a resurgence in popularity of acient seeds and grain are all on the trend train.

Experimenting with old and new ingredients and flavours is more prevalent – like popped lotus seed snack mix, and gomasio, a Japanese black and white sesame seed blend.

Some of the seeds making a scene include:

  • Basil seeds – they are a bit like chia seeds, giving texture and wholesome goodness to both sweet and savoury food and drinks. They add a pop to juices, shakes and smoothies and are versatile – try them in sweet desserts, salad dressings, yogurt, dips, and pasta dishes.
  • Lotus seed – these are now crossing the cultural divide and becoming popular worldwide. Replace beans in soups and stews with them. They’re also great snackfood – when puffed, they turn into crunchy, floral popcorn-like bites. Toss with spices to add more flavour complexity.

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