Cold chain logistics will be the focus of a conference in Hong Kong later this year.

Cool Logistics Asia debuted in 2015 and this year, it will form a part of Asia Fruit Logistica, which will be held from 6-8 September.

The cold chain is an increasingly important area, as demand for premium international food and beverage among Asia's middle classes places pressure on the perishable supply chain.

Cool Logistics Asia will bring together US, European and Asian specialists in the transportation and logistics of perishables.

Fresh produce and protein remain the two largest food categories traded and transported internationally, however organisers say the quality of the cold chain for other perishables and frozen food, is also attracting attention than ever, with too much product still perishing between ‘farm and fork’.

China will remain the main trading partner for the majority of perishable commodities along the Intra-Asia (maritime) trades for the foreseeable future according to Netherlands-based Ronald Veldman, maritime business analyst at Seabury Group.

A partner conference, called the 2nd China International Fresh Foods Circulation Congress, was held in June last year in Shanghai.