Heineken was so confident in the taste of its recently launched mid-strength beer, Heineken 3, that it pledged to refund dissatisfied consumers. The company’s local MD Andrew Campbell explains why.

Q What drove your decision to launch a mid-strength Heineken product?

This is Heineken’s only new product launch in close to 20 years, and we started working on it here in Australia a couple of years ago.

It was a long time in design while we undertook lots of research with consumers, and we discovered a gap in the market – a lot of products in this category have lower carbs but are not necessarily the best tasting, despite this being important to consumers.

So we set about creating a mid-strength beer that people want – a refreshing product with lower calories, and also a smooth taste.

We found consumers were impressed with the taste of Heineken 3 when we tested it against other brands, and we received amazing feedback on Facebook, so we knew we were onto a winner.

Since the product was launched last year, we already have captured more than 20 per cent of the Australian mid-strength international premium brand segment.

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