Laucke Flour Mills is the last of Australia’s industry-founding, family-owned-and-operated independent millers operating in an industry dominated by corporate giants.

In 2010, Laucke invested $20 million into a major upgrade of the Victorian site, building a lab in the bakery and integrating it into a brand-new flour mill.

And in the past three years, Laucke Flour Mills has grown at greater than 10 per cent annually.


The company's focus is on consolidating recent growth – much of which has come from exports. For the past two years, it has been strategically developing South-East Asian markets, with a particular focus on China.

Its products include a range of flours for home baking and home noodle production in convenient pack sizes and formats, as well as fully farm-traceable, certified organic flours for bakeries.

Domestically, Laucke has had success with its 'Kangaroo Flour Classic – Single Origin'. Laucke has 35 flours in 150-plus SKUs, but only a dozen or so are available on supermarket shelves.

The company has also been simplifying pack formats to get more products more widely available to home users.