The one-time ginger grower has expanded into a ginger products company with a growing portfolio and online presence.

Over the years, Buderim Ginger has gone from being a co-op to a public company focused on growth.

About three years ago, Buderim Ginger undertook a major brand revitalisation project.

Along with this, Buderim launched a non-alcoholic ginger beer range in 250ml slimline cans in 2014 to increase its relevance to the younger demographic.


On the back of the growing non-alcoholic range, in April this year, Buderim launched an alcoholic range of Ginger Beer & Vodka and Ginger Beer & Spiced Rum, also in the 250ml slimline cans, and exclusive to First Choice and Vintage Cellars.

In 2014, Buderim also launched a chocolate spread with macadamias, Macabella.

The idea was to capitalise on its ownership of macadamia supply and to combine the diced and ground macadamia format with a premium Belgian chocolate.


Clearly Buderim was onto something: Macabella recently won Buderim’s second Product of the Year Award for 2016, this time in the spreads category.

Apart from its social media efforts to reach a younger audience, Buderim has also created a channel on its website called The Ginger Net which celebrates all things ginger.