• Food & Drink Business editor Kim Berry talks to James Ajaka, CEO of Darrell Lea, about his first year at the helm and what treats await us all.
    Food & Drink Business editor Kim Berry talks to James Ajaka, CEO of Darrell Lea, about his first year at the helm and what treats await us all.

Food & Drink Business editor Kim Berry talks to James Ajaka, CEO of Darrell Lea, about his first year at the helm and what treats await us all. 


We start the episode with James reviewing the highlights of his first year as CEO, the importance of balancing available resources against opportunities and the benefits being realised from efforts made by previous teams within Darrell Lea. This transitions into a discussion on the future initiatives the company is investing in and the use of research to identify new opportunities through leveraging key products.

James also discusses the company's international presence and that it has significant market share of liquorice in the USA and Canada. He also compares the differing levels of COVID impact they have experienced between 2020 and 2021.

We then move on to an assessment of the confectionary segment and a discussion of consumer loyalty along with their willingness to try new things. This leads to further discussion of the innovations we can expect to see, including an expansion of the Life Savers brand that Darrel Lea purchased in 2018.

The episode wraps with a review of James' career in the food and beverage industry along with his views on both receiving and providing mentorship and support in his role as CEO.

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Packaging News

A new PET plastic recycling facility, set to be the largest of its kind in Victoria, will be built in Altona North by a cross-industry partnership between Pact Group, Cleanaway, Asahi Beverages and Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP).

One of the country’s leading innovators in packaging printing and a giant of the local industry, Charles Hanna OAM, passed away over Christmas.

To accelerate its global expansion, Australian automation and technology solutions company Agito Group has entered a joint venture with Hilton Food Group. Agito CEO Emma Townsend will lead the new entity.