Ep34: Tony Hunter, food futurist

Tony Hunter on the future of food, part 2


 Global food futurist Tony Hunter is back, talking to Food & Drink Business editor Kim Berry about the latest developments in food tech, from cultured meat to mycoprotein and beyond.

In our second episode with Tony, he is straight out of the gate reminding us that the future of food is technology and not just those traditional associated with food and beverage. We talk about how technology from medical fields and AI are now active in the sector, with change occurring faster than ever.

We take a little look back to the post-WWII US, when crops were developed using mutagenic chemicals and gamma rays in a bid to show Americans nuclear energy could be used peacefully and how many of these grains and crops can today be labelled organic.

Tony calls for a fundamental rethink about what we find acceptable when it comes to technology in food production. He also says there is a need for businesses to shift from a B2B mindset when adopting new ingredients and methods to educate and inform the consumer at the same time.

We discuss the two big issues for the plant-based meat industry – taste and price parity – and how they are now only a couple of years off. 

Tony updates us on the amazing output increases being seen in the mycoprotein food industry and we finish up on innovations that are gaining momentum including plant molecular farming.

As Tony says, “Change will never be slower than it is today.”


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