A new versatile textured thermal matte film that produces a rough touch and feel promises to meet production demands for luxury looks and sensations in high-end products.

Jet Technologies has launched the new laminating film, Rough Touch, that results in a unique rough, gritty feel.

“We expect that the Rough Touch film will follow in the footsteps of Soft Touch and prove highly popular amongst our customers who specialise in luxury printing and packaging,” Jet Technologies director Jack Malki said.

“We see Rough Touch being a really good fit for curious industries looking for a gritty feel - anything from building and beach to coffee and culture.”

Rough Touch lamination is applied in the same way as conventional films and it provides a high-quality matte finish with enhanced colour. It also offers extra protection for printed jobs through avoiding scuffing and curling.

The film is compatible with a range of finishes such as spot UV or hot stamping and is able to be glued and printed on by traditional offset with oxidative inks, offset UV and screen printing.