Food processing and packaging company tna will launch its latest VFFS technology next month.

The tna robag 5, the newest generation of the company's flagship series of VFFS technology, will be unveiled in a world premiere at SNAXPO 2018 in March.

The tna robag 5 will form the final part of tna's Performance 5.0, which offers high-speed production line performance.

Together with the recently launched tna ropac 5, a case packer for flexible bags, tna’s new VFFS system will deliver high productivity levels with a very small footprint, according to the company.

“2017 was a huge year for us at tna as we launched performance 5.0, CEO Alf Taylor said.

“The first part of performance 5.0, the tna ropac 5, was incredibly well-received. It doesn’t just offer a small increase in productivity, but has the potential to transform the industry by doubling the current maximum case packaging speeds."

The new tna robag 5 will not only deliver ultra-high bagging speeds, but also provide faster changeovers, intuitively designed technology, advanced equipment integration and more product capabilities in a single, highly compact system, Taylor said.

Together with tna’s portfolio of food processing solutions, he said the new innovations would allow snack food manufacturers to take their production line performance to greater heights, providing them with a significant economic advantage.