The Coca-Cola Company's Fanta is embracing a new spiral shape in an industry-first bottle design that will be used across the whole range.

The twist concept by London design agency Drink Works was inspired by the twisting of an orange to release the juice and flavour, and took five years to develop.

Over the years, the Fanta bottle has evolved from the original half-ridged glass bottle to the curvaceous plastic "Splash" bottle in 2000, to the new twist this year.

The new bottle also has an updated label which has been moved further up towards the neck of the bottle, and a new logo that uses straight lines and angled letters, and a bold energy which aims to reflects the Fanta brand’s fruity, fun and vibrant nature. 

The bottle is currently being sold in the UK, Italy, Poland, Malta, Serbia, Finland and Romania, with plans to expand production globally in the coming months.