Beverage company East 9th Brewing has launched a campaign to drive awareness about violence against children through its Doss Blockos beer.

East 9th has changed the colouring of over 100,000 of its iconic Doss Blockos brown paper bags, turning them blue in order to promote an anti-violence campaign called Polished Man.

The blue bags will be available in bars, clubs, restaurants and retailers across Australia.

Along with the new blue bags, owners Josh Lefers, Stephen Wools and Benjamin Cairns will also paint their fingernails blue in a bid to help raise awareness and $50,000 for the Polished Man Campaign until the end of October.

Polished Man seeks to end violence against children globally through supporting those impacted by violence or at risk of violence in Australia and around the world.

Being part of the campaign means painting one fingernail blue to represent the one child who dies every five minutes because of violence.

Along with their fingernails, the owners are joining other 'Polished Men' like Chris Hemsworth and Michael Klim.

The Doss Blockos brand will be joining other brands 'such as Grill'd and Bank Australia in the campaign.

Packaging News

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