Vegemite now comes in a gluten-free variant after two years of research and development by the manufacturer of the popular spread.

Bega Cheese's new Gluten-free Vegemite uses gluten free bakers yeast in place of the brewers yeast that makes traditional Vegemite unsuitable for people with coeliac disease.

According to Vegemite's marketing manager Matt Gray, a quarter of Australians are gluten avoiders, making the move a commercially savvy one.

The impetus behind the product, however, was Zara Hill, the eight-year-old daughter of a Vegemite employee who had been diagnosed with coeliac disease and was no longer able to eat Vegemite.

According to Gray, she was one of the first people to try the new product, and gave it the thumbs up.

“The Vegemite brand's venture into the gluten-free market has been consumer driven, with thousands of requests for the product,” Gray says.

“It hasn’t been an easy formulation to nail, with the most significant challenge being to find a suitable alternative to brewer’s yeast. Working with bakers gluten free yeast we think we’ve nailed the Vegemite taste for those avoiding gluten and can’t wait to hear the feedback.”

Gluten-free Vegemite is also Monash University Low FODMAP Certified. The RRP is $4.89 for a 235g jar.