The University of New South Wales and the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) have announced a new partnership in food and nutrition science and engineering, to focus on student exchange, research collaboration and the pursuit of joint funding opportunities. Its focus will be on food systems.

Professor Johannes le Coutre specialises in food and nutrition science with significant experience in the food industry, will lead the partnership at UNSW. He said UNSW and UC Davis share many synergies and that the new alliance will help accelerate teaching and research outcomes in this field.

“The aim of the partnership is to build on both universities’ research strengths in food and nutrition science, through a focus on food systems. This involves all the basic elements of how we get healthy food from its sources to consumers, plus all the processes and infrastructure involved in feeding a population,” le Coutre said.

“Over the coming three decades we will require 70 per cent more calories to nourish all humans on our planet. We must equip our agricultural and food industries in Australia, the US – everywhere, in fact – with advanced food production systems, to help deliver a safe, sustainable food supply to our growing populations.”

UC Davis Professor Bruce German said his university and UNSW share a similar vision for understanding diet in its entire complexity. This includes all the elements of raw materials, the consequences of processing to products, and the implications of that complexity to the equally daunting diversity of how foods are experienced by people.

“Such an inherently multidisciplinary vision requires active collaboration among like-minded yet scientifically diverse teams,” German said.

The research teams aim to conceptualise and develop a single framework for evaluating food materials in terms of safety, nourishment, sustainability, cost and sensory value. They will also work on improving food mapping methodologies in California and Australia.

This will involve studying the composition of crops in both locations, as well as technologies that are used to process those crops and their effects on food composition and overall health benefits.

German said: “Food systems around the world are in desperate need of revolutionary innovations to improve human health, safety, quality of life and environmental sustainability. International collaborations are the seeds of ideas and innovations and we are confident that together UC Davis and UNSW will provide many seeds.”

Packaging News

APPMA members played a significant role in the first post-Brexit trade deal just agreed in London between Scott Morrison on behalf of the Australian government, and Boris Johnson for the UK government.

The NSW government has unveiled its plan to drastically cut the number of single-use plastics in circulation with a total ban by next year, and following quickly in its wake, WA has launched its own plan to fast-track its efforts.

The winners of the 2021 WorldStar Packaging Awards were officially recognised during a virtual awards ceremony, and in the biggest news of the night, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners took out the Gold for Sustainable Packaging Design.