• Daniel Flynn with his best-selling book, Chapter One.
    Daniel Flynn with his best-selling book, Chapter One.

The inspirational book launched with the aim of raising $1.2 million in 28 days has now sold 100,000 copies.

Called Chapter One and written by the founder of social enterprise Thankyou, the book reached this milestone within 18 months through a pay-what-you-want strategy.

Since its launch in February 2016, Chapter One has generated over $1.8 million in profit to fund the future business goals of Thankyou, which is headed up by entrepreneur Daniel Flynn.

Thankyou started as a bottled water company and has since moved into snack foods and cereals, as well as baby and personal care products.

In Chapter One, Flynn tells the first-hand account of Thankyou's tumultuous beginnings and shares lessons he and his team have learned.

By its design and price point the book is meant to challenge traditional thinking. It is printed the wrong way around in landscape format, and sold at a pay-what-you-want price.

“There’s an unspoken rule that you’re not meant to write a book until you’ve ‘made it’, and though we’ve had some great wins, we’re a long way off from that,” Flynn said.

“My heart with Chapter One has always been to show people what it’s like to step out in spite of fear and to push through challenges.”

Thankyou gives 100 per cent of its profits to fund aid and development work around the world, which means it can’t assign money to grow and scale.

Profits from Chapter One solve this problem, and its purchase turns people into social investors, Flynn said.

Since its launch, Chapter One has funded the launch of Thankyou’s baby range (that helps get life-saving healthcare to mums and bubs in need) and will fund the launch of Thankyou New Zealand in February 2018.

Chapter One is available for purchase at a ‘pay-what-you-want’ price online and all Relay, Newslink and Watermark bookstores.