While offering staff share options is a common way for companies to lure and retain senior staff, very few offer them across the board to the junior ranks. Food delivery company Deliveroo has become an exception.

At only five-years-old, Deliveroo turned heads when it announced it would give all its employees equity in the company in May this year.

The move, which is worth over $18 million for most of the 2000 staff employed globally, means all permanent staff, present and future, will be given share options in the company – except for delivery staff, who are independent contractors.

“Our phenomenal growth and success has been made possible thanks to the hard work, commitment and passion of the people who make this company what it is, and that deserves recognition, which is why I want all employees to be owners in Deliveroo and to have a real stake in the company’s future as we expand and grow,” CEO Will Shu said.

“This is for all permanent staff and all new joiners, and is is on top of existing options agreement for a number of staff who already had share options in the company.”

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