• The Nexba-sponsored drone.
    The Nexba-sponsored drone.

Beverage company Nexba has partnered with a search-and-rescue drone to help increase safety on Port Macquarie beaches.

Pioneer of the 'Naturally Sugar Free' movement, Nexba saw the value in sponsoring the Westpac Little Ripper Lifesaver  drone in the NSW town.

Little Ripper Lifesaver drones can rapidly identify and respond to incidents with specialised abilities tailored to search, rescue, and lifesaving operations.

Every purchase of a Nexba beverage from Port Macquarie stockists is going towards funding the Westpac Little Ripper drone as part of the sponsorship.

“This is just the beginning of saving lives,” Nexba co-founder Drew Bilbe said.

“In the same way that having a healthy diet can prevent disease, these high-tech drones can prevent tragic incidents occurring on our beloved beaches, which are traditionally a place for fitness, families and fun, and the core epicentre of the Aussie lifestyle."

The launch of the drone took place on 7 April at Port Macquarie, NSW.