The 155-year-old milk pasteurisation process is being challenged by a new patented technology from The Wholey Milk Co. Doris Prodanovic reports.

With a global dairy industry worth US$413 billion and Australia in the enviable position of having excess milk to export, The Wholey Milk Co. CEO Jeff Hastings saw an opportunity.

The result is a patented process that keeps milk fresh and for more than 60 days, compared to traditionally pasteurised milk’s 14 day limit. “Put simply, our technology kills more of the bugs and has a superior shelf life,” says Hastings.

“Our patented process is the only known method that kills Bacillus cereus, a common but unwanted spore forming bacterium in milk that produces toxins causing vomiting or diarrhoea. Our process makes our milk really safe.”

Beyond milk

The Wholey Milk Co. is the latest venture by Hastings and a subsidiary of his Queensland-based food technology company, Naturo. Prior to his milk technology, Hastings developed a 100 per cent natural avocado processing technology that produces a ‘no-browning’ avocado.

As an agricultural engineer with 30 years’ experience in global agribusiness, Hastings’ alternative milk treatment aims to be “nutritionally superior, retain its natural colour and taste, and have a minimum 60-day refrigerated shelf life when compared to other forms of processed cow milk”, without additives or preservatives.

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