• The latest 'activist cider' release.
    The latest 'activist cider' release.

An independent Melbourne brewer has responded to the Margaret Court controversy by placing a new label on its 'activist cider' range.

'Shut Up Margaret, Of Course It’s A Yes to Gay Marriage’ is the latest in a series of limited edition cider bottle labels that make edgy political statements.

East 9th Brewing owners Josh Lefers, Stephen Wools, and Benjamin Cairns have been voicing their views through a range called The People Vs., and the new label rides on the back of calls for the Margaret Court Arena to be renamed after the tennis legend spoke against gay marriage.

Other labels include ‘I’d Swap Pauline For A Refugee’, 'WTF Nanny State, Everything I Wanna Do is Illegal’, and ‘Legalise the Green: Hempire Strikes Back’.

Josh Lefers said the Margaret Court label speaks to "human rights and the ability for anyone to make their own decisions about who they want to spend the rest of their life with, no matter what their gender".

Court entered the spotlight when she spoke against Qantas chief Alan Joyce’s position as a same-sex marriage activist last month.

East 9th Brewing is donating a percentage of the proceeds from Fog City Activist Cider each month to charities and organisations who help Australians and refugees.

It is being sold in independent liquor stores nationally.