Australian non-alcoholic spirit producer Lyre’s is re-aligning its distribution model in Australia. CEO and co-founder Mark Livings says it will create a dedicated on- and off-premise team to support hospitality venues while continuing its direct-to-consumer ecommerce.

Lyre’s will work directly with wholesale trade to grow the market, while signing a deal with Future State CPG to be responsible for major retail distribution in Australia.

One of Lyre’s goals is to ensure venues can seamlessly introduce premium non-alcoholic drinks to their business.

Livings said: “Our experience in launching Lyre’s across four continents has helped us understand the importance of being close to the market. Understanding what’s working, what’s not and being able to adapt with pace means this move is critical for us.

“The insights we gather from both direct ecommerce and our other partners around the world can be shared with Australian venues to help them grow a new profitable category within their business.

“This change will give us speed within the market and allows our new range of products to be closely tied with the needs of a rapidly growing market.”

The brand launched into Dan Murphy’s nationally in July. Livings said a dedicated team in the broader market creates opportunity for an expansion of the range for those venues and drinkers looking for low and no alcohol options.

“As consumer behaviour toward drinking continues to change, the new model will give insights that place Lyre’s at the forefront of the category, giving more people options to drink the way they choose.

“A year in and we have learnt a lot about the Australian market and how we can create more accessibility to Lyre’s products in our home country. Drawing on key learnings from our global expansion will take us to our next stage of growth at home,” Livings said.

Lyre’s won 11 medals at the recent London Spirits Competition becoming the most awarded premium non-alcoholic spirit in the world.

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