• LeVeL Lemonade is looking to raise $950,000 through a capital raise campaign via Birchal.
    LeVeL Lemonade is looking to raise $950,000 through a capital raise campaign via Birchal.

LeVeL Lemonade is looking to raise $950,000 through a capital raise campaign via Birchal. A total of 1570 EOIs were taken with an average value of $2400. The company recently celebrated the sale of its four millionth bottle.

At $6.85 per share, the minimum investment is $200 per parcel. The raise is backed by a pre-raise valuation of $6.85 million, annual revenues of $2 million, and zero external debt.

LeVeL founder and former Red Bull marketer Chrish Graebner said the funds gathered would be invested into expanding LeVeL’s product line, eco-friendly packaging, marketing and sales, distribution in key accounts, and groundwork for international expansion.

Since its launch in 2019, LeVeL Lemonade operates an online store and is on shelves in 3000 retailers nationwide.

“Functional beverages are the future and are pushing aside traditional soft drinks as consumers demand a better balance between indulgence and nutrition.

“Australians in particular are increasingly health-conscious, and they refuse to compromise on taste which is where so many functional beverages fall short,” said Graebner.

LeVeL Lemonade is officially classified as ‘formulated supplementary sport food’ by FSANZ, and contains essential nutrients,  magnesium and vitamin C.

The company said it is considering another capital raise for international expansion in 2025, with plans to offer dividend disbursements from that year onwards.

LeVeL Lemonade is part of LeVel Beverages, a holding company founded in 2014 by Chrish, also responsible for importing and distributing energy drinks like 28 Black and Arizona Iced Tea.

LeVeL Lemonade’s Birchal raise is open now and closes 23 November.

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