Keytone Dairy has secured national distribution in almost 400 Coles stores within a fortnight of announcing the launch of its new Tonik Plant protein shakes. The range is expected to be available to consumers from early November.

At the start of August, Keytone Dairy shared Tonik Plant as its first plant-based, ready-to-drink protein shakes to be available in the Australian market, which has been developed, manufactured and commercialised in-house by the company’s development team.

“While Coles was not undertaking a formal range review nor seeking submissions, Coles recognised the true innovation and disruptive potential to the protein shake category with Tonik Plant being the first high protein vegan/plant based ready-to-drink protein shake in the Australian marketplace,” Keytone Dairy said in a statement.

“As such, Coles wished to partner with Keytone in being the first major grocer to range Tonik Plant and capitalise on the growing momentum and demand for plant-based products.”

Keytone Dairy will begin production of its Tonik Plant range for the initial Coles roll-out through September and October, which will then be available in stores from November.

Coles joins Ritchies IGA Group, Romeos IGA Group, Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness as distributors for the new Tonik Plant range.

Keytone launches Immunity Booster

Product development continues to be a major focus at Keytone Dairy, as it also announced a new premium dairy-based functional Immunity Booster powder under its KeyDairy brand, in “direct response to in-market demand in-bound enquiry from China and South East Asia following the COVID-19 global health pandemic”.

“Keytone will continue to develop and commercialise innovative products and brands and bring an increasing portfolio to market to meet consumers needs,” said Keytone Dairy CEO Danny Rotman.

“To this end, the launch of KeyDairy Immunity Booster Powder is an exciting development in direct response to market feedback from our network and clients globally. In a time with a heightened focus on health and immunity for consumers, KeyDairy Immunity Booster is the perfect premium addition to our KeyDairy branded powders aimed at one of our core markets, China.”

The KeyDairy Immunity Booster Powder contains colostrum, probiotics, vitamins B and C and zinc, and is targeted “as a daily supplement to aid day-to-day immunity”.

Keytone Dairy will commence production of the KeyDairy Immunity Booster immediately and ship to market, starting with China and South East Asia, once production is complete.

Packaging News

Australian eco-startup Zero Co, innovator of a closed loop packaging model for cleaning products, has smashed the country’s record for the largest crowdfunding campaign in history, raising $5 million in just six hours and 27 minutes.

In line with its ambitious sustainability targets, food manufacturer Goodman Fielder has changed the packaging for Praise Mayo and Aioli, with bottles and jars made by Pact Group using 100% recycled PET.

APCO, in partnership with Dairy Australia and the ADPF, has published a sustainable packaging roadmap for the dairy industry in a bid to fuel the sector’s 2025 National Packaging Targets.