Ireland's iconic beer brand Guinness has launched a limited edition Guinness West Indies Porter to Australia for sale throughout March.

The brew comes from an experimental brewery called The Open Gate Brewery located at St James's Gate in Dublin, the home of Guinness.

The new brew was inspired by an export recipe devised by the company back in 1801 to help export the porter across the globe. The reciple sought to ensure the beer could withstand the long four to five-week sea journey to the Caribbean (known then as the West Indies).

Guinness' West Indies Porter is brewed wtih more hops and higher gravity to deliver a full-bodied and rich beer, with notes of toffee, chocolate and caramel, its makers said.

"Business West Indies Porter bottles the best of both worlds," one of its brewers Michael Donnelly said.

"The recipe we use today has ben reimagined by our master brewers," Donnelly said. "West Indies Porter is an immensely flavourful drop which relives history as modern creativity brewed wtih ancient ingenuity."