• Gluten Free Online Training.
    Gluten Free Online Training.

Nestlé Professional and Coeliac Australia have jointly launched an interactive learning resource for foodservice professionals called Gluten Free Online Training.


The online training has been made available to all TAFEs and Culinary Institutes in a bid to reach 30,000 students, with William Angliss Institute already taken the training up.


The aim is to spread knowledge and help chefs implement credible gluten free food practice, and the online training is designed for anyone working in hospitality.


On successful completion of the module participants earn a Certificate of Achievement, valid for three years, against Coeliac Australia’s Gluten Free Standard for Foodservice Providers.


Coeliac Australia special projects officer Cathy Di Bella says, “Training culinary students in credible gluten free practice is a huge stepping stone to meet the future needs of the foodservice industry.


Coeliac disease is a serious autoimmune disease that requires foodservice providers be switched on and skilled up in delivering truly gluten free menu options. The more we can equip cookery students with this vital knowledge, the better.”