An event that brings together the food industry, policy-makers, and researchers to improve all parts of the food value chain from the farm to the consumer will take place next week in Melbourne.

The industry-academia dialogue,“Food Value Chains: Challenges and Opportunities in the Face of Digitalisation and Sustainability”, will include keynote presentations, case studies and small group discussion session, and will specifically focus on understanding how digitalisation and sustainability impact global food value chains.

Key questions that will be addressed at this event include:

  • With respect to the food sector, what do we mean by value chains? How do different food chain members see the notion of value chains?
  • How well are existing food chains integrated and how are knowledge and resources shared amongst the value chain members?
  • What is the current level of knowledge on the challenges and the impacts (benefits and risks) associated with digitalisation and sustainability?
  • What impediments exist to the successful implementation of digital and sustainable solutions?
  • How do governance, regulatory, social and economic factors impact and transform food value chains?
  • What specific challenges do we face with regards to food waste and food security?
  • How can academic research help industry to address the above questions/issues through joint collaborative research initiatives?

The event will take place on 12 November from .8.45am at State Theatre Lounge, Arts Centre, Melbourne.

For further details and registration please contact Professor Amrik Sohal, Monash Business School, Monash University.