Frosty Boy has cracked into the Indian market with one of the country's largest coffee chains now using its milk shake blend.

Café Coffee Day is one of Frosty Boy's new customers in the massive, but tough market, which the dessert and beverage powder base maker describes as a the holy grail for food makers.

In India, ice cream forecast to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 17 percent until 2021, and Frosty Boy says it has finally broken through thanks to four years of intensive, on the ground research.

“Since Frosty Boy began exporting in 2001, there’s never been a country more difficult to crack than India,” Frosty Boy managing director Dirk Pretorius said.

“The main challenges have been import duties, which can be up to 50 percent, a very different business culture to us, plus they are understandably very protective of their own industry.”

Frosty Boy will instead complete manufacturing processes locally in India, while maintaining control of product quality and intellectual property.

According to Pretorius, the leadership team spent time in India to build knowledge of the local QSR industry and how its products could best be implemented.

“We have full-time personnel on the ground to support this ongoing.”