The WWF Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard 2020 has ranked Ferrero number one, recognising the consumer goods manufacturer as the most sustainable in the industry for its palm oil supply chain.

The Scorecard evaluates companies for the support of is sustainable palm oil, with Ferrero taking the top spot out of 173 global retailers, consumer goods manufacturers and food service companies. The company scored 21.5 out of 22.

“Only one company, the consumer goods manufacturer Ferrero, has scored over 20 points (out of the maximum 22), sending an encouraging signal to the rest of the industry that sustainable and deforestation-free palm oil is achievable,” said WWF in a statement.

Ferrero has invested in the sustainability of its palm oil supply chain since 2005, making progress in areas such as traceability, as well as being one of the first companies to be certified with 100 per cent segregated palm oil.

The company says it will continue to invest in the area, including its commitment to securing a 100 per cent deforestation-free, and exploitation-free palm oil supply chain to “lead the way in industry transformation through active collaboration with NGOs, key stakeholders and suppliers”.

Packaging News

Australian eco-startup Zero Co, innovator of a closed loop packaging model for cleaning products, has smashed the country’s record for the largest crowdfunding campaign in history, raising $5 million in just six hours and 27 minutes.

In line with its ambitious sustainability targets, food manufacturer Goodman Fielder has changed the packaging for Praise Mayo and Aioli, with bottles and jars made by Pact Group using 100% recycled PET.

APCO, in partnership with Dairy Australia and the ADPF, has published a sustainable packaging roadmap for the dairy industry in a bid to fuel the sector’s 2025 National Packaging Targets.