Yoghurt company Chobani has released a limited batch Mandarin flavour in celebration of Chinese New Year.

The company says the product was inspired by the Chinese New Year tradition of gifting mandarins to family and friends as a gesture of goodwill and prosperity for the coming year.

The product features red and gold packaging as symbols of good luck and prosperity which also features a dragon composed from mandarin.

Only one batch of the 170g flavour was produced.

“Chinese New Year is a big cultural event here and celebrated by many of our staff. We thought the perfect way to enhance the celebration would be to create and launch a special Chinese New Year Batch Chobani,” Chobani Australia managing director Peter Meek said.

The launch of the Mandarin Chinese New Year Batch will be supported by product sampling at Chinese New Year events across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Chinese New Year Batch Chobani is only available only at Woolworths.