Chocolate brand Cadbury has collaborated with group of anthropologists and designers from different cultural backgrounds to create a symbol for responding to social media critics.

Inspiration for the symbol came from years of managing hate-fuelled sentiment on the company’s Australian social media platforms, Cadbury representatives said.

Cadbury, which is owned by global food company Mondelēz International, says the customisable symbol named For All can be used by any company, organisation or person to express support for a more culturally inclusive and respectful community.

The symbol was six months in the planning with the centre of the symbol representing a heart, “sending out love to overcome prejudice and hate and pulsating through a spiral line that represents our life journey. The different shapes and dots also represent people from diverse backgrounds and cultures flowing around to inhabit the earth.”

“We invite people to visit our Cadbury social media pages to show their support for a diverse and inclusive Australia by downloading it, customising it and sharing it on their own channels," Mondelēz International director of marketing, chocolate Paul Chatfield said. "It is our hope that For All will be widely adopted and used far beyond our shores.”

The For All symbol was originally intended for Harmony Day (21st March), which is also the United Nations’ International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, but the decision was made to delay due to the Christchurch terror attacks.


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