While there's certainly anecdotal evidence of beer's contribution to the economy, it hasn't always been clear how much wealth the drink actually creates for Australia.

A report by ACIL Allen Consulting for the Brewers Association of Australia, however, has confirmed that beer production supports over 143,000 Australian jobs and generates $16.9 billion a year in economic activity to account for 1.02% of GDP.

In addition, 95 per cent of all beer sold in Australia is made locally.


According to Brewers Association CEO Brett Heffernan, every Australian schooner of beer sold in pubs and other licensed premises contributes $6.24 to GDP, while its off-license equivalent in packaged liquor store beer sales contributes $2.73 to GDP.

“The complete 2015-16 data on beer and taxes is also compelling,” he said.

“Australian beer drinkers poured almost $3.8 billion into government coffers – that’s $2 billion in excise and $1.78 billion in GST.


“Australian Government tax is the single biggest ingredient in the cost of a beer.”

The full ACIL Allen report is titled Economic Contribution of the Australian Brewing Industry from Producers to Consumers 2018.