Australia's top dairy products have been have been announced in Melbourne by the Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA) at its 2017 Australian Dairy Product Competition.


The DIAA’s Australian Dairy Product Competition is the only technical national dairy competition in Australia, and this year, a team of more than 40 judges and stewards tasted the products and awarded medals and industry trophies in more than 100 categories, including cheese, ice-cream, butter, yoghurt and milk.


Mossvale Blue made by Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese in Gippsland, Victoria was crowned Australia’s best cheese and the most outstanding show exhibit.


Victoria’s Dooley’s Ice Cream proved the most consistent for the fourth year in a row, with most of Dooley’s products entered into the competition earning gold or silver medals.


Mauro Montalto from Melbourne’s Floridia Cheese was awarded the title of Australia’s best cheesemaker, for Floridia Ricotta.


The judges awarded 180 gold medals and 781 silver medals to dairy products from all over Australia, with gold medal winners are invited to enter the Australian Grand Dairy Awards, administered by Dairy Australia.


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