Tasti has launched two new natural, wholefood and convenient options – Fruit+Vege Wholefood balls and Protein+ Bars in Australia.

According to Sports Dietitians Australia, there are currently 2.5 million Australians following a plant-based diet and looking for new snacking options while living life on-the-go.

Australian nutritionist and wholefood cook, Jacqueline Alwill said: “There has been an incredible surge in the number of Aussies who are educating themselves, turning away from snacks loaded with highly refined sugars and diversifying their diet with more plant-based meals and snacks.”

Tasti’s use of plant proteins, probiotics and superfood ingredients make them a perfect choice for parents who are looking for healthy snacks for their children.

The company’s plant-based approach places an emphasis on high quality ingredients including vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, seeds and nuts.

While Protein+ is filled with plant protein, Fruit+Vege is Australia’s first ever apple-based bliss ball made from real fruit and vegetables which contains no added sugar.

“Fruit+Vege are a wholesome plant-based snack for lunch boxes, with core ingredients of apple and sunflower seeds. A great change from the typical lunchbox snacks” Jacqueline said.

“On the other hand, Protein+ includes plant-based protein, fibre, superfoods and probiotics, which help fuel the good bacteria in the gut and support the health of the digestive system”

Tasti’s Fruit+Vege and Protein+ are available in store now at your local Coles, Woolworths and independent grocers.

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