Created by one man in a run-down shack in the Jalisco highlands of Mexico, the Cazcabel Tequila range has arrived in Australia. 

Don Cazcabel developed the tequila using his philosophy of taking natural ingredients from the land and giving them new meaning and life. 

All tequila batches go through a micro distillery using locally grown and seven-year-old blue weber agave. 

Once harvested the agave is steamed in an autoclave, which converts the carbohydrates and starches into fermentable sugar. It is then fermented in a steel tank for ten days and finally distilled in a copper pot and steel stills before being chill filtered to remove impurities. 

Cazcabel’s Australian distributor Proof Drinks general manager Luke Frost said they are excited to launch the range. 

“Our aim is to offer a range of authentic premium tequilas that allow consumers to explore the category in new and exciting ways. Cazcabel’s range, particularly the flavours, opens Tequila to new drinking occasions beyond late night and can be sipped neat or savoured in cocktails. With international travel off the cards for the foreseeable future, what better way to experience Mexico?” said Frost. 

The Cazcabel flavour range includes Blanco, Coffee, Honey and Reposado. 

The Blanco tequila uses sun-baked blue weber agave, while the Coffee flavour uses a base of Blanco and infuses roasted coffee. 

The Honey tequila has a strong aroma of honey and caramel. The Reposado is left to mature in American oak barrels for nine to eleven months, with hints of oak to balance out its double distilled Blanco flavour. 

The Cazcabel range is available at Dan Murphy’s and BWS from RRP $59.99.

Packaging News

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