Allen’s Snakes Alive are going sour, with the launch of its new lolly variation set to have its popular flavours covered in a sour coating.

The Allen’s Sourz Snakes Alive will include the soft and stretchy snakes as the original range, as well as flavours of strawberry, blackberry, pineapple and apricot, now paired with a sour twist.

“Snakes Alive are a long-time favourite with lolly fans, so we have combined this with the power of sour to blow Aussies away with these tasty new lollies,” said Nestlé head of marketing confectionery Joyce Tan.

“We can’t wait to see lolly lovers nationwide pull their best sour face when they try the new Sourz Snakes Alive – we’re sure they’re going to be a huge hit.”

Allen’s Sours Snakes Alive is available exclusively at Woolworths stores around the country for RRP $2.95.

Packaging News

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