To celebrate Valentine’s Day, V Energy has launched a ‘drinking innovation’, the V-Straw, a V shaped glass straw which only works when a beverage is sipped in tandem by a couple.

The brand said the V-Straw was aimed at Australian’s exploring a more casual Valentine's Day this year.

V Energy head of marketing Josh Wheeler, said traditions like Valentine's Day can often lose spontaneity and fun.

“Our goal is to offer couples a unique way to connect and celebrate.

The V-Straw turns Valentine's Day into an opportunity for shared delight and shared positive energy,” said Wheeler.

Made in Australia and in limited quantity, the V-Straw will be available to a handful of Australians from Valentine’s Day onwards, with competition entries closing at midnight on 14 February.

The V Energy range is available in V Green, V Blue, V Green Zero Sugar, V Blue Zero Sugar, V Tropical Tang, V Raspberry Lemonade and our leading Zero sugar V Refresh in Citrus Lemonade, Pineapple & Watermelon and Green Apple Lemonade at all leading retail outlets.

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