Remedy Drinks is launching its new passionfruit kombucha into 7-Eleven stores in November.

The new flavour is tied into the start of summer, says co-founder Emmet Condon, with customers seeking out new healthy drinks as the weather begins to heat up.

“Summer is just around the corner and with a Remedy Kombucha Passionfruit in your hand you’ll actually be able to taste it.

“Like all Remedy goodness, our new Remedy Kombucha Passionfruit naturally contains no sugar and is full of goodness with live cultures, organic acids and antioxidants,” said Condon.

According to Condon, Remedy Kombucha Passionfruit is made in small batches with a long-aged 30-day brewing process involving a sweet tea and a live culture, resulting in what he calls the tastiest and healthiest kombucha around.

“We know people are looking for healthier options wherever they are, whether that’s on the road or grabbing a quick lunch on the go from 7-Eleven.

“We’re shaking fizzy drinks up for good by offering a healthier alternative that is still tasty, and with classic, summer loving kombucha flavours like Passionfruit, we hope even more people will be tempted to rethink their fizzy drink,” he said.

Remedy Kombucha Passionfruit will be available exclusively at 7-Eleven.

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